My Name is Brandon S. Perfetti.

I'm a Professional Data Engineer + Web Developer.

I'm one of those imposters who has found himself lucky enough to have fallen into web development. 😏

I've been working in real estate technology for 8 years. I hustled my way from answering support emails out of a gmail inbox, all the way to Senior Data Services Engineer at W+R Studos. 🚀

There, I manage all data integration to and from third parties (Multiple Listing Services, Brokers, Data Partners) around the country and integrate said data to display in a suite of real estate agent facing SaaS products.

This mostly encompasses building/maintaining RETS, Web API, and SSO (SAML / JWT) integrations while working closely with the technical teams of our partners to ensure smooth operation, security, and data integrity.

Including: Daily management of 200+ individual data feeds (68M Listing Records, 5.6M Agent Records, ~100K daily updates), lead QA of each new integration (schedule, plan, meet launch dates), and find solutions to problems that don't have answers. 🧐

While my career has reached a point where I've decided to focus on data engineering, I've also decided to leverage my existing CSS, HTML, and JavaScript skills and apply them to learning ReactJS.

Building this web app in GatsbyJS is only the first step. I'm ready. 🥳

Thanks for stopping by my corner of the internet 😁



With a career born in finding solutions to problems that don't have answers, I've honed a specified skillset for troubleshooting any and all software and hardware issues. I identify negative feedback loops and transform them into positive feedback loops by leveraging logic and deduction. My processes will isolate the root cause of a given problem and allow multiple scenarios for resolution.

Enterprise Client + Project Management

Effective communication and time management lead to prosperous projects and happy clients. Under promise and over deliver. I set the table and lead the client down the project path that works best for their specific situation. Maleability and finesse are leveraged to deliver a client experience that is specifically attuned to their needs, wants, and desires.


I'm a hyper focused technologist with a multidisciplinary skill set honed over 10+ years of experience in various industries. I assist software teams in product inception, pragmatic execution, and painless rollout. I craft scalable solutions, implement internal processes tailored to your organization, and develop teams that produce results.